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18 June 2012 @ 06:08 pm
The brat`s birthday!  
Spent almost the whole day yesterday doing Nino-related things since it was his birthday!  For instance, Mel, Tomo chan and I wore yellow to church.


It was also Father`s Day!  Ate Myranne invited the family and I to eat at her place.  Tita Corazon and Tito Romy were there too, they just arrived from the Philippines.  Ate Myranne is close to the baby's delivery date so her parents want to be there when she gives birth to her second baby girl.  Here is a picture of my niece!  She is getting so big!  


When we got home, Mel and I continued on with Nino Day!  We watched Nino movies while eating Nino`s favorite food: hamburgers.  Too bad our PS3 isn`t working anymore.  Nino Day would have been more complete if we carried out his favorite hobby: playing video games.  It was still a fun day though.  Happy Birthday again to our beloved brat!


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